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About Us

Equal distribution of natural resources is important for the development of the society. As a part, sea food is more important than any other natural resources. Even though India is having huge coastal margin with excellent sea varieties of food, people are consuming very less fish and other seafood, mainly due to lack of non availability at all times and freshness. We all know sea food is an healthy diet and it is a prerequisite for good health.

Fish and other seafood are an important part of a balanced diet and contribute to a good nutritional status. Children, young people, pregnant women in particular eat little fish. A good nutritional status is especially important for these vulnerable groups. Seafood contains high levels of many important nutrients that are not commonly found in other foods.

It is an excellent source of proteins, very long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), vitamin D, selenium and iodine. As per the noted above all points, We, will serve all type of fish and other sea foods lower than the market price at all times with freshness to your home. We are also telling that we are collecting the fresh material from daily fishers where the fish material is so fresh and give the real taste.